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Hypnotherapy can help you to manage whatever is preventing you from leading a full and satisfying life

Smoking cessation

Want to quit but don't know how?

weight management

Struggling with your self image and don't know where to start?

anxiety and stress

Feel overwhelmed and want to regain control?

Physical disorders

Is physical discomfort negatively affecting your quality of life?

Trauma and PHOBIAS

Has something happened that you are finding it challenging to move forward from?

About Me


I originally started my journey into hypnotherapy to improve my memory and stop biting my nails - several years later I am a trained hypnotherapist and hope to share the successful results of this form of therapy.


I take a holistic, eclectic approach to hypnotherapy which means I treat each patient as an individual and tailor each session to them.


As in life, there is no set ‘formula’ for achieving results and so together we will get some clarity about the issue at hand and map a path forward.


As well as helping people to quit smoking and vaping, manage their weight or take control of money issues, I am trained in the use of EMDR to help patients with managing Trauma. I can also assist in a number of other emotional, psychological or physical ailments.

Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

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