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While a level of caution and wariness is often a healthy and appropriate response to a potentially hazardous situation, this can get out of hand with a phobia.  There are as many causes as there are phobias which afflict people. They can burden anyone in any walk of life and from any background. 

In the sessions we will work together to help you feel safe and secure while working on the background origins of your phobia(s).  They may not be immediately apparent, and in some instances may be something that you deem insignificant as an adult but experienced in childhood.

No matter the cause, we will also work to reduce your sensitivity to potential triggers, whilst leaving you a sensible level of self-protection.

I am capable of working with almost any that you may have, with the below just a few examples:



Public Speaking


Enclosed Spaces

The Dark



Thunder Storms

Social Situations


Anything that you experience as a phobia

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