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Trauma and PTSD

I specialise in the treatment of trauma and PTSD, particularly through the use of a technique called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).

Nobody is immune from the possibility of suffering a trauma and from developing PTSD. 

It absolutely is not the result of weakness or character flaw. 

Trauma is not solely experienced by the armed forces or emergency services but can be the result of rape, assault, accident, injury, loss, bereavement or other emotional and/or physical shock, including witnessing something highly distressing.

Over the course of the sessions we will first take time to help you feel safe and secure and then we will work to make sure the emotions associated with it return to where they belong - in the past.

Trauma can be the underlying cause of any number of other psychological and physical symptoms and if this is the case we can continue to work together to resolve them without having to refer you to another practitioner and starting the process over again. 

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