Pain and Physical Discomfort

There is a two pronged approach to pain: one is to directly manage discomfort and secondly to work with patients around their beliefs and feelings around the pain, helping them manage their lives more effectively. 


Within the this category I can also help with migraines, headaches, muscle spasms and tiredness.


Please note: Before engaging in any form of complementary therapy it is essential that any sufferer of a physical condition visit their GP to get a formal diagnosis. While hypnotherapy cannot heal physical injury it can be an effective ally to conventional medicine, including in the area of pain management.

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The next step is to contact me - even if its just to say ‘Hi, I think I could do with some help but I don’t know what to do’.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed, I work with adults of all genders, sexualities, religions and beliefs.


Let me help you on your journey to an improved you - whatever form you want that to take.

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